Spyro: Year of the Dragon (PAL) →
категория:  Sony Playstation
The third in the Playstation Spyro the Dragon series sees Spyro having to recover a clutch of Dragon eggs from the evil Sorceress.
The player can now play as not only Spyro, but Agent 9 the Space Monkey, Sheila the Kangaroo, Bentley the Yeti, Sgt. Byrd the Penguin and his two best friends Sparx and Hunter. Sparx has his own levels for the very first time. Also, Spyro has learned a few new abilities, including skateboarding!
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage (PAL) →
категория:  Sony Playstation
Like the original Spyro the Dragon, this is a platform-adventure game. Whilst using a portal to travel to the coast, he is enlisted to help a professor defeat Ripto the dinosaur.
The game is split into 3 worlds - on each of these Spyro must collect all the gems and then kill a boss. Level layouts are less linear and more expansive than many platform games, with lots of sub-quests - exploration is required.
This time around, the fantasy 3D worlds are larger and more complex. Though most of the gameplay elements from the original game have remained, more puzzle elements and bonus levels have been added to this chapter. Spyro has a new ground-pounding move.
Rise of the Robots (US) →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
You are a cyborg handyman in the far away future sent to a huge megacorporation where an evil AI has taken control of the companies robots. You are charged with facing these robots in combat and eliminating them one by one to reach the core and deactivate the AI.
Gameplay wise this is a standard beat-em-up with gorgeous graphics. It has some annoying limitations like not being able to jump over your enemy and only one fire button.
Space Shuttle (US) →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Симулятор. Вам предлагается управлять целым космическим шатлом. Очень интересная и познавательная игра для поклонников космонавтики.
Medievil (US) [SCUS-94227] →
категория:  Sony Playstation
The Evil Wizard Zarok has returned from the dead to wreak havoc on a peaceful land, and it is up to the centuries-dead hero, Sir Daniel Fortesque, to rise from his grave and defeat the very nemesis that put him in that grave. Wander the land, destroying Zarok's undead minions; collect chalices to grant him more powerful weapons; solve puzzles in order to defeat the evil wizard and restore peace to the land -- so Daniel can go back to his eternal slumber.
Medievil II (US) [SCUS-94564] →
категория:  Sony Playstation
Sequel to Medievil. Not as open ended to game advancement as the first, as instead of an adventure game it;s more of a action game in which you go through levels and when you win one you go back to a professers hide-out to collect the chalice and get weapons and such. There are a large amount of mini-games, and the whole game is almost noting like the first, which is good or bad depending on your view.
Nightmare Creatures II [U] [SLUS-01112] →
категория:  Sony Playstation
Adam Crowley, from the original Nightmare Creatures, is back to unleashing creatures in London. As Wallace, you must fight the monsters, rescue your lover Rachel, and travel across nine levels in search of Crowley and the final battle.
Real Bout Fatal Fury (PAL) →
категория:  Sony Playstation
This version of the popular fighting series has something for everyone. FATAL FURY fans will recognize many of the characters from previous installments, while newcomers will recognize a good thing when they see it: the ultra-impact, high-octane bouts that unfold each time the 13 fighters step into the ring. Evil nemesis Geese Howard has plans to rule South Town once again, and unless one of the fighters can defeat him, he will. Slug your way through the ranks and earn a final confrontation with Geese. Each character can unleash desperation and super-desperation moves to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. It also adds the ability to end a fight by tossing your opponent from the ring, a rarity in 2D fighting games. FATAL FURY’s patented two-line fighting system allows characters to dodge attacks by stepping momentarily into the background.
Silent Hill Trial Edition (NTSC-J) →
категория:  Sony Playstation
This is Jappanese trial Editon. Harry Mason and his daughter Cheryl are heading to a small midwestern resort town. Suddenly, Harry sees a dark figure in the street and swerves to avoid it, causing a serious accident. After coming to, Harry realizes that he has smashed the car and Cheryl is missing. Further, it has started to snow in the middle of summer, and the town appears to be deserted. You must guide Harry through the town while he searches for his daughter and tries to discover what happened in this strange community. Along the way, you will explore a hospital, elementary school, and the streets of the town. Since Harry is an ordinary guy, he will have to catch his breath after running and will often miss his target when shooting. The entire game is given a frightening feeling with eerie lighting effects especially since the town is dark and the vast majority of lighting comes from a flashlight. Will Harry be able to save his daughter and escape the town in SILENT HILL?
Samurai Deeper Kyo (NTSC-J) [SLPM-03506] →
категория:  Sony Playstation
Based on the anime series/manga, Samurai Deeper Kyo is a 2D fighting game that presents 9 playable characters from start (there are some secret chars to discover).
Graphically it resembles Last Blade (Gekka no Kenshi) series with nice flashy effects and detailed backgrounds. When it comes to gameplay, there are Simple and Advanced controls (read FAQ for more details) to suit each player capabilities and an Assist Gauge (similiar to King of Fighters 99 Strikers) that lets you call for the backup character when in trouble. A nice and simple game, suited for the anime fans.
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