Star Control II (US) →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Following the on-going war of the first Star Control game, the Alliance has lost. The Ur-Quan armada systematically hunts down the alliance races and imprisons them onto their homeworlds, including Earth. However unknown to the Ur-Quan, during the war, a small research vessel had been lost while sent to a distant star system looking for evidence of the ancient Precursor race. The survivors of this research team had come across the controls to a Starship factory and used it to build a Precursor supply vessel: one of the largest vessels in the galaxy. It's time for these Terrans to return to earth...

Star Control 2 is a game based on exploration, space combat, diplomacy and resource gathering. Your main starship is the precursor vessel and it can be used to travel between star systems and orbit planets. This uses fuel which must be processed in exchange for raw materials. In addition to providing fuel, raw materials can also be used to purchase modules on the Precursor vessel, alien ships and "obtain" crewmembers. Raw materials are found throughout the galaxy, each planet will be unique in the type of minerals and metals it is formed of. Additionally planets will have a unique atmosphere and composition which could result in dangers such as lightning storms, earthquakes or lava. Non-Sentient life can also be found and stunned to obtain biological samples. Special installations, objects and ruins can also be found on certain planets.

Throughout space are different alien civilizations. These are represented by a sphere of influence. Within the sphere, the aliens have a controlling presence and their ships will venture freely. Outside the sphere, encounters are more rare. Aliens can be dealt with diplomatically, through a series of dialog options or in combat. Combat utilizes the same engine as the first Star Control game, where action is controlled from a top view and influenced by the gravity of nearby planets. Each alien vessel is controlled uniquely and has unique abilities. Combat can also be played as a standalone game, separate from the main storyline.
Marvel Super Heroes [PAL-E] [SLES-00932] →
категория:  Sony Playstation
Much like the Street Fighter series, MSH has the best in the Marvel universe fighting it out.

All the best are here, including Spiderman, Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America and the Incredible Hulk, as well as other members of the X-Men good guys and bad guys squads.

Each character starts with a set of gems. These gems can be used during a fight to improve speed, power and defense.
KKND - Krossfire [PAL-G] [SLES-01617] →
категория:  Sony Playstation
Finally, a formidable computer opponent to challenge the smartest cagey old vet. Battle an AI that probes your defenses, retreats, sets ambushes, and even attacks from multiple fronts. Add units that gain experience through combat, improving their damage potential and accuracy, and eventually the ability to heal themselves. Now you have a recipe to make any PC commander drool - welcome to the world of KRUSH, KILL 'n DESTROY!
Grand Theft Auto [Original & Director's Cut] [U] [SLUS-00106] →
категория:  Sony Playstation
Includes full version of Grand Theft Auto as well as it's London, 1969 mission pack.
Grand Theft Auto - Mission Pack #1 - London 1969 [U] [SLUS-00846] →
категория:  Sony Playstation
This is the official add-on cd to Grand Theft Auto. It's not settled in the USA anymore, but, as the title already says, in London. There has not much been added: new cars, some new graphics and new missions, but that's about all.
Grand Theft Auto 2 [U] [SLUS-00789] →
категория:  Sony Playstation
Lie, cheat, and steal your way through 3 huge cities in the follow-up to Grand Theft Auto. Earn the respect of 7 different gangs as you demolish the town in your attempt to make lots of cash.
Pandemonium! [U] [SLUS-00232] →
категория:  Sony Playstation
Niki, Fargus, and Sid the puppet are the three main protagonists of this 3D platform game. The characters each have a special movement to kill enemies with. The game which uses floating camera angles through a vast Prince of Persia-style world.

The goal of the game is to clear the various levels, avoiding spikes and enemies and collecting coins for extra lives.

Unlike most 3D platformers, Pandemonium offered only 2-dimensional movement, rather than complete freedom of movement. The characters automatically go around corners and you never go up or down.
Cyberia [U] [SLUS-00053] →
категория:  Sony Playstation
In the year 2027 the world is controlled by two rival super-powers, the western-bloc Free World Alliance and the east-bloc Cartel.

Transmissions from an FWA spy reveal the location of a secret multi-national labratory deep within Siberia, the "Cyberia Complex", where a mysterious weapon is being developed. FWA leader Devlin frees a cyber-hacker named Zak from prison and sends him to infiltrate the complex and discover the true nature of the Cyberia weapon.

Unfortunately, the Cartel is also interested in the weapon and will stop at nothing to get it. Not only must Zak make his way past the Cartel forces sent to stop him, but he must also overcome the Cartel agents which have already seized control of the complex. To make matters worse the Cyberian scientist's genetically engineered creations are running rampant in the same area as the weapon, and Devlin also appears to be have something up his sleeve.
Crash Team Racing [U] [SCUS-94426] →
категория:  Sony Playstation

Crash Team Racing (CTR) is a kart racing game a la Mario Kart, featuring popular characters from the Crash Bandicoot series of games - Crash, Coco, Neo Cortex, N. Gin, Penta Penguin, Polar, Pura, Papu Papu, Komodo Joe, Pinstripe, Tiny, Dingodile, Ripper Roo, Fake Crash and N. Tropy.

The player can race a full storyboard game as any one of the characters, fighting to beat the ultimate (and cheating) racer from another planet, Nitrous Oxide, who wants to turn the Earth into a car park. Each of the main races are against 7 other AI competitors, with 5 "boss" races against a single boss character.

To help you along your way are a whole bunch of weapons, ranging from missiles and rolling bombs to booby-trapped TNT crates and the leader-seeking orb.

There are also a few arcade modes, sub-games and battle games against up to 4 other players.

Залито на Megaupload.
Crash Bash [U] [SCUS-94570] →
категория:  Sony Playstation
This game in the Crash Bandicoot series features Crash and his cohorts participating in games a la the Nintendo classic "Mario Party."

There are a total of 7 minigame types, 4 of which are available when you begin the game. Each of the minigame types has 4variations, for a total of 28 different minigames. The minigame types range from a crate fight to four-way pong. The goal of every game is to either score more points than your opponents or destroy them, and it is recommended that you play with at least one other person to make the gameplay more interesting.
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