Theatre Wars - Goraku no Dendou (Jp) →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Не смог разобраться про что игра, по-ходу это то ли квест, то ли приключения - язык японский, куча меню.
Tetsujin (Jp)/Iron Angel of the Apocalypse →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
The box for Iron Angel of the Apocalypse describes itself as an "Action Role-Playing Movie." Apparently this is the phrase used to describe a simple first-person shooter with a lot of live-action cutscenes.
You play a character known as Tetsujin. You are a cyborg/robot creation of an evil scientist. The scientist intended to use you to wipe out the human race, but instead you decided to turn against your maker and escape. The story unfolds as you fight your way to the top of a skyscraper to confront the mad scientist.
Sword & Sorcery (Jp)/Lucienne's Quest →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Follow the story of an absent-minded young sorceress Lucienne and her gang of misfit monsters, as they try to stop the evil mage Death Shadow from destroying the world.

Lucienne’s Quest is a game in classic roleplaying genre, but presented in full 3D graphics (and sprite characters) uncommon for the time. The battles are fought in traditional turn-based manner, but allow for more strategy than most classic RPGs. The game places ambient obstacles on the battlefield to block some attack paths, but allows the player to strategically reposition his fighters along the bottom two rows of the map before every turn to take advantage of the terrain. The game also features a dynamic day/night system which serves little purpose other than changing one of your party members from human into a werewolf and back.
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (US) [FZSM3851] →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Классический двухмерный файтинг.
Super Street Fighter II - Grand Master Challenge (Jp) →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Один из лучших двухмерных файтингов.
Stellar 7 - Draxon's Revenge (Jp) →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Космическая стрелялка.
Star Wars - Rebel Assault (Jp) →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Космическая стрелялка по-мотивам известной саги.
Graduation Final (Jp)/Sotsugyou Graduation Final →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Текстовая анимэшная адвенчура.
Slam 'N Jam '95 (Jp) →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Shock Wave (Jp) →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
The year is 2019 and the alien invasion is here. In a surprise attack, the aliens decimate Earth's military forces. Mankind's only hope is the surviving orbital space carrier Omaha and its squadron of F-177 pilots. As the young and unexperienced member of the squadron, it is your job to drive the aliens from the planet.

From the cockpit of your F-177 fighter, you can destroy the aliens who attack in vehicles like large walkers or quick and small aircraft. Use your lasers or missiles, but watch your ammunition and fuel and refill them from a supply depot if needed. The ten missions take you all over the globe, from Cairo to Los Angeles to the Congo. Between missions, live-action cutscenes continue the story.
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