Shock Wave - Operation JumpGate (Jp)[!] →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
It has been 7 years since the alien attack on Earth has been repelled. Now, signs of the aliens have been detected within the solar system. It's again up to you to lead the assault before the aliens launch their second wave.

This add-on to Shock Wave takes you to places in the solar system like Mars, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn and the asteroid belt in 5 new missions that feature new enemies. The story is again told through live-action cutscenes.
Shanghai - Banri no Choujou (Jp)(en)[!] →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Samurai Shodown (Jp)(en-jp) →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
In SAMURAI SHODOWN, 12 warriors from around the globe compete to determine who is the ultimate champion. Each warrior has a unique weapon and fighting style. Some warriors also have helper animals which can attack enemies during battle. Can you survive?
Policenauts (Jp) →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Policenauts is a Japanese adventure game written and directed by Hideo Kojima and developed and published by Konami. It was initially released for the NEC PC-9821 computer platform in 1994; followed by updated versions for the 3DO, PlayStation and Sega Saturn game consoles released between 1995 and 1996.
It is a graphic adventure game played mostly from a point 'n click interface, although during some key points at the game, the player has to go through shooting sequences against adversaries in order to maintain their progress in the game and at some point, the player has to deactive a bomb implanted by a criminal.
The game is considered as a sequel to Hideo Kojima's previous title, Snatcher, due to the similar gameplay, although the connection between the two titles in terms of storyline are merely tangential. This confusion is probably derived from a phrase used to promote Policenauts in a trailer, which describes the game as "The next generation of Snatcher". This phrase referred to the style and technology used, instead of a sequel.
Policenauts, like Snatcher before it, pays various homages to previously-existing films. The most obvious being Jonathan's and Ed's (the main characters) respective resemblances to Riggs and Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon.
Policenauts has achieved a cult following since its initial release in Japan. However, the game has not been released outside Japan (as of 2006) despite a proposed localization of the Saturn version, various online petitions, and apparently an offer on Konami's US message boards from writer/translator Nick Des Barres.
BladeForce (Eu) [!][CDD8715] →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Вы управляете боевым вертолётам уничтожая врагов на 4 огромных футуристических уровнях. Игра является одной из лучших на приставке - увлекает геймплей и отличная графика.
Captain Quazar (US) [A2181 CE 02379-2 R70] →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
The idea behind Captain Quazar is simple, from a 3/4 overhead view control the Captain, kill the bad guys and save the day. Everything in this huge galaxy can be blown away, but be careful where you lay waste, because you have to manage your resources to survive.
Icebreaker (US) [!][FZ-SW0001] →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Icebreaker is an abstract strategy/action arcade game in which you control a pyramid and you try to destroy all pyramids on a grid while other pyramids stalk you. I created the original game and controlled the design of all additional game elements. I also wrote virtually all of the software for original version of the game, which was published by Panasonic for the 3DO Multiplayer.
Paddock Note '95 (J) →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Симулятор лошадиных бегов. Также в игре вы найдёте неплохую энциклопедию.
Return Fire (Eu) [CDD7041] →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
This is a game where it fits in all the genres of Strategy, Action. You can take control of one of 4 vehicles, a jeep, helicopter, tank and a missile launching vehicle (but actually called The Armoured Support Vehicle (ASV)). While there are 2 ways to win, the easier one would be to capture the enemy's flag by bringing it to your bunker with the frail Jeep. And that is the main objective. The other way to win is to destroy your enemy. A secondary objective.
Ultraman Powered Ultimate Hero (J) →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Стрелялка с кучей видео.
Игра понравится поклонникам Ultraman.
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