John Madden Football '93 (US) [722007-2 70] →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Another update in the Madden football series. New this time are some graphics and animations, including an animated coin toss and some player moves. New gameplay features are no-huddle offense and a stop clock play.
There are 28 teams from the '92-'93 season, two All Madden teams and 8 Greatest Ever teams.
Game modes are the usual pre-season, regular season, sudden death and playoffs. A special playoff mode for the 8 greatest teams is also available.
The Genesis version features John Madden's digitized commentary speech and a battery-backed RAM for saving playoff results and player stats.
Megarace (Eu-US)(M5) →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Virtual Television has given us a chance to do the things that we can't make real in everyday life: Race through 14 great tracks in 5 different environments in a totally virtual place where you can kill each other quite easily with sidekicks or guns. In every track you will see some symbols that can make your car speed up, slow up or even blow up, like your mega-host Lance Boyle says, "Who knows; who cares!" Everything you see in MegaRace is virtual and no one really dies there. So have fun!
Oceans Below (US) →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Scuba diving information software.
The diving spot which centers the American continent is introduced.
Sight-seeing guide underwater image and so on it is possible to see.
Off-World Interceptor (JP) →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Действие игры происходит на различных планетах, где вы управляя транспортным средством, оснащённым по последнему слово техники и вооружения уничтожаете врагов.
Shock Wave - Operation JumpGate (US) →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
It has been 7 years since the alien attack on Earth has been repelled. Now, signs of the aliens have been detected within the solar system. It's again up to you to lead the assault before the aliens launch their second wave.
This add-on to Shock Wave takes you to places in the solar system like Mars, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn and the asteroid belt in 5 new missions that feature new enemies. The story is again told through live-action cutscenes.
Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels (US) →
категория:  Panasonic 3DO
Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels is a mix of a First-Person-Shooter and a tactical fighting game. It is placed in the Warhammer 40k background of the Games Workshop table top games. It is the successor of the PC game Space Hulk from 1993 and it tells of the fight between the imperial Terminator Chapters and the tyranid Gene Stealers. You control up to ten Terminators. You give them orders in a tactical screen and/or take over one of them and then move in a 3D environment and fight the Gene Stealers just as in a First- Person-Shooter. So the game includes tactical planning and fighting in a good balance.
Wu-Tang - Shaolin Style [U] [SLUS-00929] →
категория:  Sony Playstation
Martial arts Master Xin is the guardian of the secrets of the Wu-Tang kung fu. The evil Mong Zhu grows jealous and decides to steal the Wu-Tang secrets, by torturing Master Xin. Members of the rap group Wu-Tang Clan receive information of Master Xin's plight and set out to rescue him.
Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style is a 3D fighting game that takes place in different arenas around the world. Up to 4 players can fight at once, with a variety of punches, kicks and super moves. In Story Mode, players can only choose members of the Wu-Tang Clan, but in versus mode, more characters are available. In addition to the standard fighting, players must solve the challenges of the 36 chambers in order to unlock secrets and the final boss.
WCW/NWO Thunder [U] [SLUS-00779] →
категория:  Sony Playstation
Реслинг. Присутствует несколько режимов боя: Battle Royal, Tournament, Tag Team and Single Player. Игра предлагает вам на выбор сыграть за одного из свыше 50 персонажей - суперзвезд WCW.
OverBlood 2 (E) →
категория:  Sony Playstation
In the year 2115AD, 70 years after the event known as "The Sudden Death Of The Earth", the world has become fully reliant on air-cooling machines.
On a shuttle flight to East Edge city, Acarno Brani travels to the large city in the hopes of becoming a successful Junk Blade racer. Also on the same flight is Veltor Curtis who is being secretly watached by Chris Lanebecca, a female investigator. Soon after arriving at the airport, Veltor is attacked, Acarno tries to help, but his efforts are in vain. But then Veltor throws a small capsule to Acarno who then escapes from the airport. And then his adventure will truly begin.
Like the first game, Overblood 2 has full 3-D levels, however there are now some pre-rendered locations in the game. You can play as three characters in the game, Acarno, Chris and a third character named Navarro Jean
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